Sucrose Sucrose

About Us

Back in 2011, Liz and Sam (okay, mostly Liz) were getting increasingly frustrated with the limited selection of china prints available for their wedding registry. A few classic, delicate prints were available, but Sam didn't want flowers. A lot of solid color or simple striped patterns were available, but those were too boring for Liz. Since they were preparing for a time travel-themed wedding, they decided to look for something nerdy, or at least whimsical. They googled. And googled. And googled. And found nothing of good quality. An idea for a new business was born - at least a small hole in the market existed.

An alert went off in Liz's head, remembering that her good friend from high school, Melsen, had been working in t-shirt design and production AND was a great artist AND had been known to dabble in the nerdy arts. Emails were sent, calls were scheduled, production research was done, designs were finalized, and Sucrose Sucrose was formed.

Liz Hariton

Liz Hariton's career has mostly been focused on DC area-based not-for-profit organizations, but she comes by her nerdery well, reading Dune and The Hobbit from her father's library at an early age, and participating in mandatory DS9 and optional Star Wars viewings with her whole family. A Maine native with a degree in Music Theatre, Liz loves beautiful products that are also functional and made to last.

Melsen Carlsburg

Melsen Carlsburg was born on October 21, the same day as Ursula K. Le Guin, which may have played some part in his love of fantasy and sci-fi. Or maybe not. Regardless, when he was in high school, he painted his bedroom ceiling tiles with dragons and the night sky. Making art has always been a passion of his. He spent one semester as a physics major in college before he realized he could focus on studio art. Now, Melsen has 10+ years designing for screen printing, and he is very excited to draw on that experience with Sucrose Sucrose. In his other life, he publishes a podcast called "Melsen's Piano Log," available through the iTunes store.

Sam Hariton

Sam Hariton has 8 years of Project management experience on a variety of projects from constructing a $6.5 Million wireless network (on time and on budget) to managing a software development team. He has been an avid sci-fi fan from a young age, having the distinctions of reading nearly every Asimov and Clarke short story and wearing his Star Wars: Episode 4 VHS down to static by the end of middle school. He can identify any Star Trek: TNG episode before the opening credits (often within 30 seconds), and hosts an annual Lord of the Rings marathon with Liz every New Year's Day.